2 abr 2006

Crónica, crappy story and crappy poem ^_^

So... fancy stuff: ayer, despedida de la soltería de Chuy y su prometida; brindamos con agua de jamaica y nos sentimos en el kinder por algunos momentos. Fue moderado y agradable. Lo único es que hizo algo de frío.

Luego de eso, le caímos a la pisteada de cumpleaños de Charly (CETEA), en un ambiente radicalmente contrastante con el antes descrito. It was nice also, however.

Para asistir a ambos eventos, Inés-chan y un servidor fuimos juntos. Lo cual fue un alivio, porque así nos evitamos varios "silencios incómodos" que suelen crearse cuando estás rodeado de personas que acabas de conocer. ^_^

Hoy, domingo, despierto y falta algo... me falta algo... ¿qué es? ¡Ah, sí! Una hora de mi tiempo. Maldito horario de verano. =P


- You know... sometimes... I forget to tell you.
- Tell me what, gramps?
- Not only you, but all of you.

The old man remained silently looking somewhere beyond the sunset for a while.

- I've lived all my life - he continued - working hard, you know, to have a good life, good things, good stuff. Then I met your grandma and we married, and then we had kids. So all the work was for them: for my wife and our children.

Apparently the old man had no rush into telling his story.

- I've worked hard. Sunrise to sunset, I've seen 'em almost everyday of my life, working here, in the field.

A pair of old blue eyes remained looking fixed into a dimming, orange sunglow.

- I don't want to die without you knowing that I truly love you all. I know I never told anyone, and this words may sound strange from me. But, now, it doesn't matter anymore. I did love you all. That's all I wanted to say.

The child knew this was the time to go. This didn't seem like a goodbye. He wasn't realizing that this might truly become the last day in his grandpa's life, which he had chosen to spend with his only grandson. But the sun had already set and this was no longer a safe place to stay.

- Now, hush, my boy; run home, run and don't look back! They might be here at any minute!
GO NOW! It's late!

The child wasn't very expressive either. However, as he was running towards home, he started realizing what would happen next. But it was too late. Grandad wanted it this way.

- - -

Next day, sunrise. The old man's son, a thirty-something farmer, was already prepared for what he would find. However, instead of a crude, unrecognizable mass of bones and flesh, he found nothing.

Why did the wolves respect the old guy's life? They say when someone has lived a life of lonely work and sacrifice, the wolves recognize him or her as somebody of their own.

Since that evening, the wolves didn't feast on the farm's animals anymore. They say the wolves have a new leader now, a beautiful, blue eyed gray wolf.


there's something
I can't kill
I can't tell
and I can't fulfill

It's now burning
inside me
looking for
a way to be

What's to me to
make of it?
Nothing, if
hurt it will

someone else!
What to do?
Oh dear God
I ask you!

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