17 abr 2006

The Shut Up And Listen Card

Even had the irresistible urge to go tell your best friend about your problems, frustrations and desires, just to find out he (or she) will always have an "answer" for everything you say and will not even try to listen?

Even had an argument with your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/etc. but you didn't have the chance to say a thing?

Does your boss never pay attention to your salary raise petition, but keeps babbling about the cost of running the office and the like?

Well, not anymore!

  1. Save the image in your hard drive.
  2. Print it to any piece of paper.
  3. Carefully cut your new card.
  4. Protect your card with scotch tape or any other covering. (Avoid using duct tape as it has been reported this could prevent the card's writing from being recognizable at all.)
  5. Store the card in your wallet, pocket or purse.
  6. Show it as required to your know-it-all friend, significant other, boss, neighbor, policeman, doctor, congressman, superhero, shaman, or dog. (Not recommended for its use with cats -- they won't listen anyway.)

4 comentarios:

TelePedro dijo...

Ey...esa es una buena filosofia.

marisol dijo...

que bonita, quiero una :)

52X Max dijo...

yo kiero 2, o 3

el memo dijo...


FUCK OFF AND LISTEN CARD 9seria buena idea tambien)