16 oct 2005

For you

El party de Paulina estuvo chilo, pero hizo mucho frío... No sé por qué no me fui prevenido, si ya sé que, cada vez que Pau celebra su cumpleaños, hace frío.


I'm singing a song for you,
I'm writing a poem for you,
I'm praying for wellness
and safety and happiness
for you...

I'm standing in the void,
I'm freezing, I'm cold,
but I'm happy as long as
I'm doing it for you...

I'm chasing nothing but shadows
and still I don't feel empty
'cause your touch in my hand
and your image in my mind
are the reason that tells me to unwind

even if I'm not reasonable enough
to wait and see through a magnifying glass,
all of my craziness, my stupid impulses.
I come and give them all to you.
They're for you!

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