2 nov 2005

For you english audience

...coming from the US, Canada, Australia, even Malaysia or Singapore:

I don't know how you keep running into my humble blog, but welcome! In fact, feel yourself at home. I'm seriously thinking on running some content specially for you. Maybe I'll be helpful in something called

transculturation!!! (fanfares)

Now, your first lesson from the Mexican culture:

Contrary to popular belief, the following picture does not depict three tacos:

On the other hand, this ARE tacos:

(Notice the soft tortilla wrapping. Also, you NEVER put cheddar into a real taco... or big veggie slices - that's what salsas were invented for. And you put whatever meat you want in your taco, for example: these here are fish tacos, a real delicacy!)

So please, specially if you're from the US: if you happen to host a mexican and want to offer him tacos, do not take him/her to Taco Bell. He won't laugh on your face, just out of courtesy.

For the adventurers: Go visit Central Mexico and look in small towns for tacos made with green, blue or black tortillas. A sweet deal. (This goes out for many of my fellow Baja Californians here, also...)

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